Saturday, October 31, 2009

Updated Google Chrome installer for VectorLinux Slackware

I double checked the script I posted on here for installing Google Chrome on Vector Linux. Version I had posted wasn't the latest. So I updated it. I also corrected a couple of spelling errors and some comments that had been copy-pasted.

I've noticed that the installer will crash xfce for some reason. So I highly recommend that once chrome is installed - restart xfce.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Recently, I've been trying to find a suitable terminal to access the HP3000 servers we use at work. After quite a bit of searching I finally found references to something called freevt3k. This program was supposed to be packaged with a block mode 700/92 terminal emulator called xhpterm. All this links I found were dead.

After another week of searching I found freevt3k on RapidShare. I usually avoid that particular file server due to the illegal nature of much of the files they serve. This time I took a chance.

I made a couple of small corrections and setup a sourceforge project to store the code on. I'll be happy to accept any patch's sent to me. Also, any dev's that want svn commit access - need just ask. The code is kinda basic and could use some updating, but it works.